Important Please Read

  • Parking Management Bureau is a citation processor and will not be reviewing your request.
  • The enforcement agency will review and make the determination within 21 days of your submission.
  • If more than 21 days have passed and you have not received a determination, contact Parking Management Bureau by calling 1-800-700-4417.
  • Check the status of your dispute by searching for your ticket on the Home page.

Please Select a Dispute Level from Below for Information


  First Level Dispute Forms

You are entitled to participate in a 3-stage dispute process, per CVC 40200. If the statutory time limits for the filing in each stage are not met, the opportunity to appeal is revoked and all parking penalties and late fees must be paid. All initial disputes must be submitted online within 21 days from when the ticket was issued or 14 days from the mailing date of the delinquency notice (CVC 40215a). If you have already paid the fine you have waived your right to dispute.

  • A confirmation will appear on your screen after you successfully disputed your citation and you will also receive a confirmation email.
  • Check your email settings to ensure the determination results do not go to your JUNK FOLDER.

The enforcement agency will review and make the determination, e-mailing you within 21 days of your submission.


  Second Level Dispute Forms

A second level dispute must be submitted within 21 days from receiving the determination of your first level dispute. Click here to get the form.

You must submit evidence and supporting documentation. Examples of evidence: copies of parking permit or disabled placards, documents or testimony of witnesses, photographs of the location where the vehicle was parked showing relevant signs posted or curb striping.

  • Print and mail form to PMB with applicable evidence and a check in the amount of the fine for each ticket being disputed. This is a required deposit by law that will be held until a determination is reached. If dismissed, the deposit will be returned to you.
  • If you are unable to send the required deposit, a Financial Hardship Waiver must be submitted in place of the deposit along with the required supporting documents. It will be approved or denied by the hearing examiner. If denied, a deposit will be due immediately.

The issuing enforcement agency will contact you to schedule a hearing within 90 days. If more than 90 days have passed, contact PMB 1-800-700-4417.

A hearing shall be conducted within the jurisdiction of the issuing agency. If an issuing agency contracts with an administrative provider, hearings shall be held within the jurisdiction of the issuing agency or within the county of the issuing agency (CVC 40215).

Check the status of your request by searching for your ticket on the Home page. If the status reads “Administrative Hearing/Court” the hearing is in the process of being scheduled by the agency pending determination.


  Third Level Dispute Forms

If you wish to pursue this matter further, you are responsible for filing a dispute with the court in the county where your parking ticket was issued. You must also notify PMB by mail within 30 days of the hearing examiner’s decision if you choose this option. The court requires a $25 processing fee.

  • All forms must be mailed to Parking Management Bureau
  • For assistance call 1-800-700-4417

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